New Levites @ Starbucks AFI 1 Cotroceni,Bucharest,Romania
Gospel Concert-Red Cups Christmas Release
November 07,2017



New Levites @ Danube International Jazz & Blues Festival 2017
4th edition,”Nae Leonard” Theatre,Galati,Romania
November 03,2017



New Levites-Morning Gospel Concert@Tzuby’s Kids,Bucharest,Romania

October 28,2017

concert tzuby's kids




New Levites&Friends@Lutheran Church,Bucharest,Romania

“Golden Apples”-Spirituals Nights-1st Edition

October 19,2017

LUTHER 500(1)



New Levites-13 Years Anniversary Concert@Blues Cafe,Bucharest,Romania

October 13,2017

Blues Cafe (2)



New Levites@H Brewery.Bucharest,Romania

September 21,2017




 New Levites Was Nominated@Josie Music Awards-Nashville,Tennessee,US

September 17,2017




New Levites@Turn Cafe-Km 0,Giurgiu,Romania

September 15,2017

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New Levites@Intregalde Folk Festival,Ivanis Camp-Alba’s District,Romania

July 26-29,2017

intregalde 2017



New Levites@House of Culture,Suceava,Romania

June 10,2017,15.00h




Business Breakfast With New Levites@Sempre Restaurant -Suceava,Romania

Private Event For Business Men

June 9,2017,08.30h

business levites



New Levites In Concert@Club Turn-Km 0 -Giurgiu,Romania

May 19,2017,20.00h




New Levites In Concert@Chateau De Pizay-Saint-Jean-d’Ardières, France

Private Event

May 7,2017,22.00h




New Levites-Gospel Stories@Bohemia TeaHouse,Bucharest

Acoustic Gospel Session-Private Event

April 25,2017,19.00h

How to stay healthy this season



New Levites-Gospel Stories@Svangsta,Sweden

Easter Gospel Concert-Live in Sweden

April 16,2017,16.00h

Rainbow Cake



New Levites-Humanitarian Campaign@Park City Hall-2th District,Bucharest

April 8,2017,10.00-13.00h




New Levites-Gospel Stories@La Ursulet-Herastrau Park,Bucharest

March 16,2017,19.30h




New Levites-Valentine’s Day Gospel Concert@Starbucks AFI Palace 1,Bucharest

February 14,2017,18.30h




New Levites@Gospel Music Today -TV Show-United States

December 24,2016,18.30h




New Levites-Crystal Tower@Bucharest,Romania

December 22,2016,18.30h




New Levites-Robin Hood Center@Bucharest,Romania

December 20 ,2016,18.00h




New Levites-Gospel’N’Christmas Tour@Neuhaus,Germany

December 16 ,2016,15.00h



New Levites-Gospel’N’Christmas Tour@Eggerding,Austria

December 15 ,2016,21.00h




New Levites-Gospel’N’Christmas Tour@Clermont Ferrand,France

Christmas Private Concert

December 12 ,2016,19.30h





New Levites-Gospel’N’Christmas Tour@Sarra Oullins Cathedral,Oullins,France

December 11 ,2016,18.00h




New Levites-Gospel’N’Christmas Tour@Paroisse Orthodoxe,Lyon,France

December 11 ,2016,12.00h

join our.jpg

New Levites-Gospel’N’Christmas Tour@Le Puy En Velay,France

Christmas Private Concert

December 10 ,2016,21.00h



New Levites-Gospel’N’Christmas Tour@Cafe Le Flore,Chambery,France

December 9 ,2016,21.00h




New Levites-Release Christmas Red Cups@Starbucks AFI Palace 1,Bucharest

December 5,2016,17.00h




New Levites-Gospel’n’Christmas Annual European Tour-4th Edition

3rd-16th December-Romania,Austria,Germany,France




New Levites-New Release Christmas Album@Cinema Europe,Bucharest

New Levites&Friends-12th edition-Christmas Festival

December 3,2016,18.30h





New Levites-Starbucks Gospel Tour-Grand Opening@AFI Palace 2,Bucharest

November 25,2016,19.00h




New Levites-Special Guest-Album Release Ciuculescu Band@Choose Life Association,Bucharest

 October 15,2016,19.00h


New Levites-Gospel Night@Voltage Bar,Bucharest

 October 14,2016,21.30h




New Levites-Stand By Me@ARTea,Bucharest

 October 06,2016,19.30h




New Levites-Starbucks Gospel Tour  @Sun Plaza Mall,Bucharest

 October 01,2016,17.00h




New Levites-Gospel Stories@Aida Caffe&Dreams,Bucharest

 September 22,2016,19.00h



New Levites-Folk&Blues Festival@Villa Borghese Garden,Bacau

 September 16,2016,19.00h



New Levites-Starbucks Gospel Tour  @Pipera Plaza,Bucharest

 August 26,2016,12.00h




New Levites-Gospel Concert@Black Helmets BH RockHouse,Bucharest

 August 06,2016,21.00h

black helmets


New Levites-Gospel Stories@La Ursulet-Herastrau Park,Bucharest

 August 04,2016,19.30h


New Levites-Magnifique Gospel Concert@Ojasca Eli Camp,Buzau District

 July 28,2016,19.30h



New Levites-Gospel Charity Concert For Jubilee Foundation@Emmanuel Christian Center,Bucharest

 July 24,2016,18.00h


New Levites-Intregalde International Folk Festival@Ivanis Village,Alba’s District

 July 14-15,2016


New Levites-Starbucks Gospel Tour  @Starbucks Promenada Mall,Bucharest

 July 1,2016,13.00h

afis web starbucks promenada



New Levites-Starbucks Gospel Tour  @Starbucks Upground,Bucharest

 June 16,2016,13.00h

afis starbucks upground



New Levites@Wedding TV Channel-Interview&Live Music Session,Bucharest

 June 3,2016,10.00


New Levites-Gospel In The Park @ONG FEST-Herastrau Park,Bucharest

 May 22,2016,12.45




New Levites-Starbucks Gospel Tour@Starbucks Coresi Shopping Resort*,Kronstadt

 May 21,2016,12.00

* 1 Year Anniversary Concert

afis web starbucks brasov



Gospel Stories@Platinvm,Kronstadt

May 20,2016,20.00h




Gospel In The Park@Tineretului Park,Bucharest

May 15,2016,19.00h

*concert for International Day Of Families

Afis concert New Levites 15 mai 2016



 Sacred Music Festival@St.Helene Catholic Church,Bucharest

May 14,2016,17.30h




New Levites-Starbucks Gospel Tour  @Starbucks Plaza Mall,Bucharest

 May 06,2016,17.00h

afis Starbucks Plaz Mall pt web



New Levites-Starbucks Gospel Tour  @Starbucks Vitan,Bucharest

 April 23,2016,12.00h

oceanside academy



New Levites-Special Gospel Concert @ARTea,Bucharest

 April 14,2016,19.30h

NEW LEVITES @ Ceainaria ARTea(1)



New Levites-Starbucks Gospel Tour @Hanul Lui Manuc,Bucharest

 April 9,2016,13.ooh

Afis web Starbucks Manuc



New Levites-Starbucks Gospel Tour @Victoria Center,Bucharest

 March 24,2016,18.ooh

Berries contain high levels of phytochemicals. Those are nutrients that protect your cells from getting damaged.



New Levites-Gospel Anniversary Concert 12 Years @Starbucks AFI Palace,Bucharest

 March 11,2016,14.ooh

Afis Starbucks AFI concert 12 ani

New Levites-Gospel in March @Annette,Bucharest

 March 4,2016,20.00h

to all our amazing patrons in the community(1)

New Levites-Gospel Concert Valentine’s Day@ARTea,Bucharest

 February 14,2016,19.00h

NEW LEVITES @ Ceainaria ARTea


New Levites-Gospel&Christmas Concert@Starbucks Novo Park,Bucharest*

 December 22,2015,14.30h

*Starbucks Gospel Tour 2015/2016

afis Starbucks tour


New Levites-Christmas Concert@Mogosoaia Christmas Market-Open Air

 December 19,2015,17.30h



New Levites@Le Puy En Velay-France*

 December 12,2015,19.30h

*Christmas Private Concert


New Levites@Best Inn Hotel-St.Pierre D’Albigny-France

 December 11,2015,20.00h


New Levites@Cafe Le Flore-Chambery-France

 December 10,2015,21.00h

afis Cafe le Flore pt web

New Levites-Gospel & Christmas Tour 2015 -European Tour

 December 10-15,2015


Christmas Benefit Concert@Crystal Palace Ballrooms, Bucharest,Romania

06 December,2015,17.00h


He Was A Man…But Son Of God-Christmas Music Festival*-11th edition@St.Helen Catholic Church, Bucharest,Romania

05 December,2015,18.00h

*New Levites & Friends

A Fost Un Om...

New Levites-National Day Gospel Concert@Starbucks Vitan-Grand Opening, Bucharest,Romania

01 December,2015,12.00h


New Levites-Gospel Stories 2@Coco Caffe,Satu Mare,Romania

21 November,2015,21.00h

afis pt web

New Levites-Gospel Concert@Starbucks Iulius Mall,Cluj,Romania

21 November,2015,12.00h

afis Starbucks tour


New Levites-2nd Concert Release@Starbucks AFI Mall*,Bucharest,Romania

15 November,2015,15.00h

*this concert is part to Starbucks Gospel Tour 2015/2016

afis Starbucks tour

New Levites-Memorial Concert for Bucharest&Paris victims-Bar The Bluzz,Bucharest,Romania

14 November,2015,21.00h

memorial concert

New Levites Acoustic Evening-Annette Tea House,Bucharest,Romania

13 November,2015,20.00h

Afis pt web

New Levites-Starbucks National Gospel Tour@Palas Mall-Iasi,Romania

31 October, 2015 ,15.00&16.00h*(two concerts)

afis Starbucks tour

New Levites- Two Gospel Concerts@Fire Ribs-Iasi,Romania

30-31 October, 2015 ,20.00h

Fire Ribs (2)

New Levites-Gospel Concert@Cooper’s Pub-Bucharest,Romania

16 October, 2015 ,20.00h


New Levites-Gospel Stories 2-Jazz Club”La Bordei”-New Release Album

10 October, 2015 ,20.00h

lansare Gospel Stories 2-La Bordei

New Levites-Live @RRC Radio-National Radio Station

09 October, 2015 ,14.30h

New Levites-Live @TVR2-My Good Morning-TV Show-National Television

08 October, 2015 ,08.30h


New Levites-Gospel Live @Bucharest International Marathon

04 October, 2015 ,10.45-13.30h


New Levites Live@Kulturama,Revolution Plaza-Public Place,Bucharest,Romania

28 August, 2015 ,19.30h


New Levites Live@Colibita Folk Fest,Bistrita-Nasaud,Romania

14 August, 2015 ,20.00h


New Levites Live@Annette Tea House-In The Garden,Bucharest,Romania

6 August 2015 ,20.30h


New Levites- Acoustic Session@Time In-Summer Garden,Bucharest,Romania

25 July, 2015 ,20.00h



New Levites Live@Jazz Night “La Bordei”Club,Bucharest,Romania

23 July, 2015 ,20.30h

afis - portrait - new levites - 2015.07.23-01

New Levites Live Concert@Indart-Urban Theatre Festival,

Carol 53,Bucharest,Romania

19 July, 2015 ,21.00h


New Levites@Morning Music Show-Estrada TV,Bucharest,Romania

14 July, 2015 ,10.30h


 Saturday Gospel Live@Imperium Pub,Sibiu,Romania

11 July, 2015 ,22.00h


New Levites@Intregalde Folk Festival,Ivanis-Alba,Romania

9-10 July, 2015 ,22.00h


4th Of July-All American Style:Anniversary Gospel Concert@La Boheme Cafe,Bucharest,Romania

4 July, 2015 ,20.00h

Afis cafenea La Boheme

Gospel Live Concert@Romanian House Restaurant,Giurgiu,Romania

3 July, 2015 ,20.30h

Afis Casa Romaneasca 1 Afis Casa Romaneasca 2

Refresh For Soul@Prodiaspora Radio Station

Special Guest:New Levites

9 June,2015,19.00h


Gospel Stories Live Concert@Bar The Blu’zz,Bucharest,Romania

23 May, 2015 ,21.00h


New Levites@Matinissimo-TVR 2-National TV Station,Bucharest,Romania

21 May, 2015 ,11.00h

Gospel Extraordinary Concert@Olommadar Bar,Miercurea-Ciuc-Romania

23 April, 2015 ,21.00h

Afis Olommadar

Gospel Extraordinary Concert@GPont Szekekyudvarhely Club-Odorheiu Secuiesc,Romania

22 April, 2015 ,21.00h

Afis Gpont

Gospel Session Live@National 3Net Radio Station-Bucharest,Romania

18 April, 2015 ,13.00h

You can listen @

Mornin’ Gospel Concert@Dikonia Church(Chapel)-Suceava,Romania

29 March, 2015 ,10.00h


Extraordinary Gospel Concert@La Fierarie Pub-Suceava,Romania

27 March, 2015 ,21.00h

The New Levites

New Levites@Prodiaspora Radio Station

13 March, 2015 ,20.00h

Listen online –

New Levites-Special Guest@Proconsul Anniversary Concert,H Brewery,Bucharest,Romania

06 March, 2015 ,20.00h

afis Proconsul la H

She Business Charity & Excellence Awards-second edition-Bucharest,Romania

04 March, 2015 ,19.35h

Afis Concert Caritate

New Levites@SWR-FM Sud Deutschland 2&Prodiaspora Radio Station

14 February, 2015 ,20.30h

Listen online at or

Extraordinary Gospel Concert@Paque Bistro-Bucharest,Romania

06 February, 2015 ,21.00h

The New Levites

New Levites@Prodiaspora Radio Station

31 January, 2015 ,22.00h

Listen online at

Gospel Concert@Budo Seishin Karate Club-Bucharest,Romania

24 January, 2015 ,10.00h

Artists New Year-After Party@H Brewery-Bucharest,Romania

10 January, 2015 ,21.00h

Afis Revelionul Artistilor

Christmas Eve With New Levites@Starbucks Promenada Mall-Bucharest,Romania

24 December, 2014 ,17.00h

Afis Craciun Starbucks - New Levites 2014

Gospel&Christmas Night @Cocktails Lab-Bucharest,Romania

23 December, 2014 ,20.30h

Afis Laboratorul de Cocktailuri

Gospel’n’Christmas Tour-second edition

11-19 December 2014 in France & Romania

Afis Turneu Franta 2014

Christmas Music Festival@Bucharest,Romania-10th edition

December 6 ,2014 ,19.00h

New Levites&Friends @Dalles Hall

Afis Festival 2014

Acoustic Live Gospel Session @ Romania Culture National Radio Station

Friday, December 5, 2014, 14:00h

Autumn Festival@Suceava,Romania

October 14 ,2014 ,18.00h

Gospel Music Concert @Culture House


City Radio Satu Mare ,106.4fm

September 25 ,2014 ,10.10 h

For live ,

Street Music Festival @Satu Mare ,Romania -First Edition

Special Prize-Best Voices of Festival

September 19-21 , 2014

Friday :    Draxlmaier Stage ,17.00-17.45h

TransPink Stage ,19.00-19.45h

Saturday : Salad Box Stage ,12.00-12.45h

Auchan Hypermarket, 14.30-15.30h

                Draxlmaier Stage ,16.00-16.45h

                TransPink Stage ,20.00-21.00h

Sunday :   Orange Stage ,13.00-13.45h

Salad Box Stage ,16.00-16.45h

Festival Satu Mare 19-21 sept 2014

New Levites @Music of Europe (radio show)-Radio Arthis,Brussels,Belgium

Wednesday, September 17 2014, 18:30h

For live , please enter

Gospel Magic Night – 10 Years Anniversary Concert @Outdoor Jazz Festival – Promenada Mall ,Bucharest,Romania

Tuesday, August 19 2014, 20:30h

Promenada Mall-19 August 2014

Gospel Live Acoustic Session  @ Bucharest Central Train Station

Saturday, July 26 2014, 19:00h

Afis Train Delivery - iulie 2014

Acoustic Live Gospel Session @ Romania Culture National Radio Station

Tuesday, June 10 2014, 14:00h


Gospel concert @ Andalivia Art Club,Bucharest,Romania
Saturday, May 17 2014, 20:00h

Afis Andalivia - mai 2014

Gospel concert @ Catholic Church St. Helen
Sunday, April 27 2014, 18:00h

Gospel concert @ Starbucks – Promenada Mall

Friday, April 18 2014, 18:00h

Gospel concert @ Artidava Culture Center

Sunday, April 13 2014, 19:30h

Gospel concert @ Bohemia Tea House

Thursday, April 3 2014, 20:00h



Gospel concert @ Tea House

28 March 2014, Tea House Bucharest

gospel at tea house

Gospel concert @ Bistro Buffet 35

15 March 2014, Bistro Buffet 35

gospel stories - buffet

gospel stories - adevarul tea house

Gospel with a Cup of Tea

14 March 2014, Adevarul Tea House

Gospel Night @ Muse

7 February 2014, Muse Bistro

2014-02-07 Muse Bistro

Gosper Stories with Black Belts 

25 January 2014, Martial Arts Club in Bucharest

Gospel’n’Christmas Tour

5-24 December 2013 in France, Germany, Hungary, Romania


Christmas Musical Festival – “A fost un Om… dar Fiu de Dumnezeu”

8 December 2013

Gospel Stories with a Cup of Tea

  • Ceainaria “Serendipity”, 7 November 2013
  • “Muse Bistro”, 1 November 2013
  • Ceainaria “Bohemia”, 18 October 2013
  • Ceainaria “Rendez-Vous”, 11 October 2013



Gospel Stories Friday Night

Schengen Bistro & Bar,

27 September 2013