Welcome to the “New Levites” website

New release: “True Story – Christmas Album”, available starting December 2016!

We are a Gospel music band founded back in 2004 in Bucharest, Romania. We are singing spiritual music with a Gospel message and our wish is to plant the seed of God’s message of love revealed through Jesus Christ in the hearts of our listeners.

Between 2004-2007 we focused on creating our own music style which lead to launching the album “A new song… in a censored world” (2008). Later on we launched “The journey of the Wise Men” (Christmas carols, 2009), “Gospel Stories 1″ (2012) ,“Gospel Stories 2″ (2015) and now, in 2016 -“True Story”.

During all these years, we’ve been invited to sing at TV and radio stations. Here is a recording of a live performance at a national TV station in Romania:

We have our own professional recordings studio. This is where we create our music  for the glory of God.

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