Welcome to the “New Levites” website

New release: “Traditional Christmas”&”Gospel Stories 3”, available starting December 2021!

We are a Gospel music band founded back in 2004 in Bucharest, Romania. We are singing spiritual music with a Gospel message and our wish is to plant the seed of God’s message of love revealed through Jesus Christ in the hearts of our listeners.

Between 2004-2007 we focused on creating our own music style which lead to launching the album “A new song… in a censored world” (2008). Later on we launched “The journey of the Wise Men” (Christmas carols, 2009), “Gospel Stories 1″ (2012) ,“Gospel Stories 2″ (2015),”True Story”(2016) and now,in 2021,two new albums-“Traditional Christmas” and “Gospel Stories 3”.

You can order our albums at or www, message).

During all these years, we’ve been invited to sing at TV and radio stations. Here is a recording of a live performance at a national TV station in Romania:

We have our own professional recordings studio. This is where we create our music  for the glory of God.

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